Cheap Web Hosting – Is That Fishy?

Well, cheap web hosting is somewhat fishy in web world, numerous offers are being provided in your hand especially if you browse, you may come across many company promotions and their advertisements.This may be confusing and one may wonder what to choose from when they decide to go for webhosting. So, you should be very clear about cheap webhost before purchasing this package.There are some important aspects involved in selecting cheap hosting, here are they: Bandwidth is the first thing you must look for, this is the most important aspect of your web business, the risk is that if you exceed bandwidth your web host will automatically shut you down without any warning as well.You must calculate the bandwidth required for your hosting. Formula for bandwidth is given below: Total bandwidth = page views * visits per day * page sizeBy using the above formula, you can calculate the required bandwidth for your webhost. This is applicable only to transfer bandwidth, don’t confuse this with storage.Next is multiple domains, this is where the webhosting promoters offer a cheap hosting packages and they can add multiple domain names to this package, probably this may be attractive to you, but again, if it exceed your bandwidth, then that’s it, the whole process will be collapsed. So, don’t get trapped in this cheap hosting promotions, just see your requirements and then go for web hosting packages.In general, there is calculation of how much bandwidth is required for a given domains that is for 100 GB transfer bandwidth for five domains.Even some cheap web hosting promoters offer multiple domains for a single package; this is just a trap because when you have bandwidth of 20 GB or 50 GB, there is no point in going for these multiple domains offers. These kinds of cheap web hosting offers are not trustworthy; better stay away from these so-called promotional offers.Then comes Un-limited bandwidths, No web hosting provider would be able to stay in business if they are to offer an unlimited cheap hosting package for just some nominal charges. In fact, they are hoping for much traffic, just to balance the distribution, but if your web site really uses much bandwidth, they would easily shut you down because it is costing them much more. Isn’t?Lastly storage, make sure that your web hosting promoters have sufficient storage space for hosting an account since you may use some videos and song players.Do remember these details before going for cheap web hosting because everything depends on your bandwidth and storage, do some research on internet and get relevant details on web hosting packages so that you will not be disappointed in the end?